As an creator of apparel, Face Sans Fard feels that consistently providing new designs and high value for various lifestyle venues and satisfying diversifying customer need is an important role for our company.


Also, Face Sans Fard feels that creating an environment where the employees work towards a unified goal and enjoy the fun and exciting motivation of working together, where the company enriches each employee's life, is the other important role of our company.

この役割を果たすために、会社が永続、成長し続けることが、非常に重要であると考えています。 そのために、ファスサンファールは、あえて型にとらわれない、自由に考え、創り出し、行動のできる理想的な会社、そして、調和のとれた環境を築いてゆくことを、常に目指しています。

In order to fulfill this role, we feel it is vital that the company itself continues to exist and grow. To facilitate this, Face Sans Fard aims to be the ideal company that is not limited by tradition, that can think, create, and act freely, and that constantly creates an environment of harmony.


We want to work towards a unified goal as a group of people who can build our own ideal environment and who can, while responding freely to the changes of the times, understand each other and trust each other.


The customer needs that must be satisfied are constantly changing. This means, of course, that a high level of creativity is required in the ideas proposed by Face Sans Fard. Also, for an efficient response to these needs, Face Sans Fard feels that unbound creativity in terms of business operation is also vital.


Face Sans Fard feels that to facilitate this, repeatedly implementing free creativity in thought, proposals, and creating in the Face Sans Fard style for all jobs is the source of strength.